ZENING is a nature resort – at the core of our philosophy are ideals of simple living with minimal or no wastage. Sustainable effort is an integral part of ZENING lifestyle and philosophy. We intend to minimize carbon emissions and be a zero-carbon footprint hotel by 2022.

The process of rebuilding and renovation at ZENING involved enormous recycling of old furniture, fittings, furnishings. Nearly 80% of 15 to 25 year old furniture has been reused in new construction. The Hut and SeaBreeze Fitness areas are just two of the examples of recycling. Our “buy local ” policy means no processed frozen foods or international products are used in ZENING. We serve as per ” 15 minutes from farm to Fork” policy.

Our fish is local – bought from fishermen in Latchi harbour and a vast majority of vegetables, fruits and wines are sourced from within a 50 km radius. We grow organic vegetable and fruits for our consumption on site.

We say no to imported wines and serve local wines of Cyprus wineries.

It takes 35 calories to produce 1 calorie of beef and other red meats. Red meat production is seen as a major contributor to climate change. We serve meat and poultry but encourage guests to eat healthy and choose locally sourced fresh mediterranean legumes and seafood.

Electricity consumption in hotels is at levels catastrophic for environment and for economy. We have invested in energy saving and invite guests to join us in responsible living of water and energy conservation. We have replaced all possible lighting with LED and energy saving lamps thus saving nearly 40% on electricity bills. State of the art air conditioning without harmful gases has been installed in rooms to provide major electricity savings. Street lights are LED, and flood lights are replaced with motion sensor LED lights.

Spa design provides for sea-breeze ventilation thus eliminating air conditioning as much as possible in summer.

Fitness area has been relocated to a sea-front location with fresh sea breeze instead of enclosed air conditioning rooms for ideal workout conditions.

Our yoga rooms have no air conditioning – on rare days when there is no breeze and temperatures reach orange levels, we provide centrifugal fans and humidifiers that have no adverse affect on nature.

ZENING is an ” in the nature ” resort which means that meetings, yoga, dance and entertainment are organized in outdoor venues. All events are held “barefoot” on grass or wooden floors. Plastic bottled water transportation emissions and waste have reached dangerous levels in tourist destinations. At ZENING we shun plastic bottles and provide free drinking water to all guests. Water stations have been built to pump drinking water all around the property.

ZENING is a 100 hectares of territory with hundreds of trees and flower beds. We compost our organic waste to fertilize our flowers and vegetable gardens.

Cleaning supplies are biological and chemical use is shunned as much as possible. All staff are given First Aid, Emergency drills and “Green Team ” training to check energy use.

A rainwater harvesting program is being designed that will provide nearly 20% of all water consumed annually at ZENING.

All appliances are Energy Star rated.

With this commitment to sustainability we believe we have credibility when requesting guests to minimise their electricity use, not leave key cards in rooms with air conditioning on, and not waste water.

ZENING initiatives are pioneering efforts for Cyprus and hotel industry in general.

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Akamanthos Avenue, PO Box 66154,
Latchi, Polis Chrysochous, Cyprus 8820

CALL CENTER: +357 26 332 770

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RECEPTION : +357 26 332 777


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Long, Lat: 35.038072, 32.397459

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