We love tripadvisor and guest comments and reviews on all other online booking sites.

In 4 short years, we have clocked nearly 400 guest reviews on tripadvisor. This is a high ratio compared to many other hotels which may have 700 comments in 15 years. Our guests are more passionate.

Yet, 400 comments are a very tiny  fraction of nearly 11,000 guests of ZENING in the previous years. More than 1000 of these guests return – several times. This indicates that very few guests take the time from their busy schedule to write a comment. However , they always tell us their opinion when they are at ZENING.

It is true that many guests feel such happiness, they wish to compliment our team and their effort on review sites. Some guests are displeased with service or features and must also express their dissatisfaction. All comments help us learn and improve. Our true learning comes from constant personal attention and contact with our guests. Every comment, suggestions, request, need, desire and demand made in person is our command and we are always waiting for guests to signal us.

We do not any longer comment on TripAdvisor reviews as there have been too many instances of blackmail, demands in return for toning down or up a review, fake reviews, reviews by disgruntled former employees, jealous people…. we cant pay attention to such skulduggery.  Such instances might be only a fraction of a fraction of reviews but they are distressful and harmful when anonymous individuals have the power to destroy a business and people working in it. There are no checks and balances for hidden and shadowy anonymous individuals. They often misuse this power. We respect TripAdvisor policy of “free speech” and understand how it needs to profit from it, by giving anyone a chance ( without verification if the person was a real guest) to write a comment and giving hotels / restaurants a chance to engage with potential guests – but we prefer to communicate directly with our guests. We understand that we can have a better analytical tools and have a better say, publish mor epictures, if we pay TripAdvisor and advertise on it. We prefer to spend that energy on our real guests. We are now asking guests to ask questions and make comments on our website — and we publish guest comments and reviews on our website.

Many small businesses built over a lifetime or several generations of back-breaking work in villages and towns of tourist destinations are often destroyed by unfair comment of a rogue asking for something for nothing. TripAdvisor, despite all its technological prowess cannot prevent it – it can however give an opportunity to business owners to demand to see that the guests are real and question ill motive. While any person can write a comment without ever visiting a place – or a year or two after the fact, publish any lie and be not accountable for it — the business, can face ruin and all it can do is submit a meek reply which, if they are simple village folks, they may not know how to. They could just be sitting their while their life of work and reputation has been tarnished by someone on the internet and tourists just stop coming. We recognize its an unfair world…

We make a great effort to not judge the commentator and learn from the reviews. We ask our guests to know our property before they come and we like to know their expectations. Mismatch of expectations can cause friction and problems.

We ask all guests to take a moment to write directly and personally to General Manager of ZENING [ [email protected] or [email protected] ] with their expectations and comments. For us engagement with a guest is a reward – positive or negative reviews are a part of learning.

Here , we share some reviews from our guests that make our team member proud:

These are from posts and comments on TripAdvisor and other reviews sites

Happy Comments

Flower garden, Palm trees, jasmine smell in evenings

Beautiful scenic views

Room very spacious and clean

Bed – large  and comfy. Wanted to take the mattress home with me.

Sleep Quality – Amazing. never slept so well in my whole life

Two pools with very distinct nature- one zen and one lively 

Pool towels waiting in the room. Very nice service.

Pools – beautiful, clean, seats with massage jets.

Restaurant- view breathtaking, buffet plentiful, staff very friendly.

Bar- very good choice of cocktails. Gives REAL coke , Fanta, Sprite

Spa- reasonable prices, great experience

Reception- very good. A hut made from recycled materials. Very creative.

Perfect hotel for relaxing holiday, perfect to visit Cyprus

Charm of the hotel is that it is built on hillside.

Took climbs of hotel as our daily sport

Shop well stocked and reasonable

Good airconditioning, great terrace( in room)

Great variety of food at restaurant/ snack bar/ cocktails at pools

Fresh orange juice,…..

Two environments – one zen, one fun, so something for everyone. Good for both rest and fun

Very original tables made with pallets

Swallow nests all over are charming

Studios , so not glued to neighbours

Bathing in the bays is paradise

Pools are big enough to do laps in

Very friendly staff

Champagne and fruits in room on mother’s anniversary

Bus stop is right outside the hotel

Always stayed in 5- star, this one was pleasant surprise

New chairs and large sunshades by the pool

A great candle lit dinner

Accommodation was a surprise- kitchen, big bedroom, tv room, terrace


Pancakes made in front of you

Nice small zen corners

Good excursions in the area

Immersed in greenery and flowers

Some Unhappy Comments and our response

Room- very little storage in rooms. : it is true that our rooms though very spacious of more than 30 sq Meters, have only one not deep wardrobe. Its an old village design and we are only able to provide 14 hangers in this wardrobe and the suitcases must be left on tables.

Nowhere to hang towels to dry outside: There are some hangers and towels can be dried on rails.

Eden pool – tiles come off : We have fixed this.No beach beds and umbrellas: Beaches are municipal and all those renting beds and umbrellas must pay. Beaches are public and free and do not belong to hotel

        Brochure says it is not hotel for handicapped but should also mention not for the ill, asthmatic and very young children  : The hotel is a large hill with many steps, winding paths and no access for handicapped.

No bottled water in room; We only provide free drinking water from our own mineral water well.

Good for couples, families but not for friends. Got bored because there were no night clubs or bars. True. This guest came to wrong place. Ayia napa is on the other side of the island.

Too far from paphos: 45 kms and 45 minutes.

Car not allowed up: yep. nope.

Dodgy walkways and paths: Yes, there are many steps, stone paths, winding, “dodgy”

Some Funny Comments

Birds very noisy especially as windows are single glazed

Same person on pancake station and on snack bar everyday for five days.

40 degrees by 7 am in pool and beach- too hot

Too much sun

We have to walk, it ruined our vacation

We saw a goat

We arrived drunk late at night and left early morning. It was too dark.

One pool too lively, one too quiet

Do not take sea view as it is first the garden , then the pool  , then the sea view