10 Reasons all our staff all do not speak Greek language

  1. “What is good know is difficult to learn” Greek proverb.
  2. 99.9% of our tourists are from the UK, Germany, Russia and we must speak their languages
  3. Greek Cypriots do not apply for jobs – they are in much better jobs in Banks, law Firms, Accounting offices and on unemployment benefits.
  4. Young Greek Cypriots prefer to work in Ayia Napa. Young Europeans come to work here.
  5. There are no qualified hotel staff in the region.
  6. That is why in all traditional Fish taverns, home taverns, traditional cafes, city squares – the cooks and servers are from Asia or Europe. It is impossible to find Greek Cypriot staff.
  7. Greek Cypriot staff consider hospitality to be a poor man’s errand and would rather do other jobs.
  8. The statistics of high unemployment are mysterious: We get no Cvs or job applicants at job fairs, nor from unions or labour office.
  9. We do have highly qualified managers and back office staff who are Cypriots and if you really miss speaking Greek , they are your service.
  10. We are learning, but havn’t learnt enough of Greek yet. Next year we will speak more Greek.

We request our Greek Cypriot clients to not be furious with our staff.

They are good people.

It is possible for people to be good even if you do not speak Greek language.

  • Verbal Abuse is not tolerated.

    Verbal abuse in any language or any aggression toward our staff is not tolerated.