ZENING Elia Village is a Grade A holiday village certified and licensed by Cyprus Tourism Organization ( CTO) CTO is the standards, inspections, licensing agency for hotels in Republic of Cyprus and enforces highest European Union standards on hotels. There are rigorous and regular inspections carried out by CTO on all hotels including on ZENING. Many tour operators appoint reputed standards agencies to carry health and safety audits and checks on resort regularly. ZENING exceeds the highest standards required for a Grade A Holiday village classification in all these inspections.

Certificates and licenses of resort are available at reception of resort for any guests that wish to look at them.

In August 2015 a guest published a complaint on tripadvisor and called CTO to complain – this review is in public domain. CTO responded to the complaint with a surprise inspection of our resort. A copy of CTO inspection report is published here to clarify the facts. We welcome guest opinions and comments on websites like tripadvisor as they help us constantly improve our service and standards. We are also given an opportunity to respond to comments by tripadvisor to any guest comments and reviews published on the website. It is important to us that our future guests have access to all the information, facts and opinions before they choose their holiday.

CTO Report – Certified English extract

CTO Report – Original Greek