ZENING is wellness. ZENING resort is for a relaxing holiday in the nature. For those wish for an active holiday, there is yoga. ZENING is not a loud animation resort. It is for chilling by the pool, under the trees or on the beach. Many guests choose to attend the yoga, meditation, fitness classes – others do not. Some wake early to start their day with sun-salutation – others sleep late. There is no rush, no competition, no pressure and ZENING is certainly not a fitness bootcamp. The whole approach to wellness at ZENING is a very relaxed and calm one. ZENING is for those who want to be in touch with the nature. The environment of our resort area is rugged and often wild. Every aspect of our lifestyle here is “back to nature” driven. There is no urban or over the top party atmosphere here. It is a calm, easy going setting. Guests who like to sit by the pool, under a tree and read a book are more likely to enjoy a vacation at ZENING than those looking for clubbing or action. ZENING is mindfulness and meditation. Our resort village is full of life but in a very natural way. Guests can expect bird nests on balconies, they should know there will be bird song, there will be all sorts of creatures around the property because it is their natural habitat. Kids run free and though we have adults only zones and policies on no-smoking and mobile phone detox – we are not enforcers. We only ask guests to relax and let others relax too. We do not allow cars inside the resort though some guests would like to not walk and just drive. We do not have strong wifi internet in rooms and public areas – we are a village and the remote location and terrain of our resort does not allow us to provide strong internet. Moreover, it is our concept – we are not a business hotel and we do not promise connectivity. We promise relaxation and switching off. If guests are on a working trip and need to be in touch with work or family intensively we are not the right choice. If guests wish to disconnect and switch off to have a mindful vacation, then this is the right place.If you are annoyed by slow speed of life, then do not choose ZENING. This is slow life. We are even reluctant to call ourselves a “hotel” as we prefer to be called a “wellness village” or just a “village.” This is not an urban environment at all and it can take ┬áday or two to adapt and settle into this slow, laid back, very natural village lifestyle. Those who take the time to do so can look forward to a truly relaxing vacation. ZENING offers no quick fix – there is no shortcut to wellness and relaxation – it is a slow winding path and guests must choose themselves to take it.

We deliver wellness. It is in our landscape, our design, our approach to organic foods and local sourcing, nutrition and use of natural products, recycling and eco products use, we do not spray harmful pesticides or chemicals, we are humane toward all creatures of our habitat., we do not waste, we provide yoga and meditation, dance and fitness sessions free… our whole approach to life is non-industrial, non-urban.

We ask guests to ask themselves if this is what they are wishing for.