We keep pests away from our rooms. But seasons and nature are such that there can be occasional abundance of ants and other common pests around our property. There are effective natural remedies and pest control measures in place to keep seasonal pests away from guests. However, sustainable living requires cautious and conscionable use of chemicals and pesticides. At ZENING we use highest standards prescribed for pest control. Qualified and licensed professionals check and manage our property. We advise our guests to me mindful when booking that we are sitting on a 100 hectares of rugged landscape in the middle of nature. We are not sealed away from other creatures. We share their habitat. They are not dangerous. They are just there. Some of us have become used to an urban lifestyle of concrete jungles in which no life form survives – bees, sparrows, ants and common co-habitants of humans are gone from our cities. When they do appear, we have a tendency to panic and use heavy chemicals to kill them. We are more tolerant of nature and its creatures. We are not supposed to kill everything that annoys us. Ants can be annoying. Therefore we do all possible natural remedies and prescribed pest control techniques like vinegar, lime, oranges and chalk to keep ants away. If we detect anthills close to residences then we do demolish them but we refrain from use of toxic pesticides and sprays in an indiscriminate way because they not only negatively affect the creatures – they can have negative health effects on humans. We ask our guests not to leave food in rooms as it can attract ants. A new study suggests that ants behaviour is determined by weather.
Recent extremes of weather can explain sudden appearance of ants in our region. We sure that as soon as they appear, we take all measures possible to keep them away. But we also advise some common sense actions like not leaving food open, not leaving fruits outside. When you see ants and you are annoyed by them, let us know and we will send a team to build natural defenses and use pest control.