Living in Nature is very different from living in lap of modern luxuries.We encourage our guests to be familiar with uniqueness of this lifestyle of living in a village at the edge of Akamas where many modern amenities are not yet available – and thankfully so. To live in nature is a rare gift. It has great advantages for body, for mine, for soul. We are uplifted by nature. While we can be often irritated by how nature does not obey our commands, we get to appreciate its curative qualities as being in nature lowers our stress and gives a more harmonious life.

To live in a village set in nature is very different from  concrete block which is sealed, air conditioned with escalators running up and down, requiring minimum effort. Village living at ZENING is to live in cottages that open an two sides to wonderful climate. We are not sealed away from nature. There are birds, ants, snails, spiders, leaves, flowers, lizards and all the abundant and rich life of this region. There are no escalators. Getting and from rooms requires  walking up and down the hill. Cars are not permitted inside resort. Physically, a holiday at ZENING requires some effort and exercise. There are no escalators. Paths are narrow and hill is steep. daily breeze brings sand and dust. Its not dirt – there is no pollution in this area but dust and and settle on everything instantly after cleaning. Water is scarce. Internet is almost not-existing. Very few TV channels are available.

There are enormous pluses though. There are no chemicals used around our village so no toxins go to your body. We use fresh local foods. Water is from springs and filtered so it can be drunk. There are sounds of nature which are very curative to us. We have poor mobile signals and no radio waves are affecting our brains. There are hundreds of trees around and children get to know and see trees from which fruits, olives and oils come from. Kids get a better appreciation and understanding of life. They see how vegetables are grown. Our tolerance and appreciation of life increases. We are calmed by nature. Our health gets a boost from nature. Our mind rests in nature. Our soul is nourished by nature. The beaches by our resort are clean and water fresh. The relaxing and rejuvenating power of nature is tremendous. Instead of seeking false and artificial luxuries and comforts we can instead give ourselves gift of immersion in nature. We feel powerful, confident and serene as we adopt this lifestyle of living in nature.

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