If our gardens appear dry and wild to you, it is truly so. Cyprus is a dry island. There is chronic shortage of water. In peak summer months when daytime temperatures are above 30 for weeks – or even months – we stop spending water on grass. The nature all around us is dry and parched. This situation changes with first showers and Cyprus turns into a green pasture with first rains. The wild and dry nature of our region is in itself diverse and robust. Akamas region, where we are located, is dry but abundant in plant and flora. We tend to plants and vegetables that need care. Our staff are from this area and we are very mindful of natural diversity and requirements to tend to this nature. We ask guests to not expect north European gardens in Cyprus because we have a different climate, different nature from rest of Europe. We suggest you enjoy the hundreds of trees and thousands of plants around our resort as they are.

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Wikipedia – Akamas : Until the year 2000, the peninsula was used by the British Army and Navy for military exercises and as a firing range. Under the 1960 Treaty of Establishment, the British Army was allowed to use the Akamas for exercises for up to 70 days a year. Since 2000 this firing stopped and the region has regained its potential to a great extent thanks to dedicated work by many volunteers and government organizations.