Best rate Guarantee

If you booked in advance and the rate on arrival is lower, you will be given a voucher of price differential that you may spend in Restaurant.

Spa at Zening

Veda Spa at Zening is not open for 2018 season and is closed due to technical reasons till further notice.

10 reasons : Greek Language

10 Reasons all our staff all do not speak Greek language “What is good know is difficult to learn” Greek proverb. 99.9% of our tourists are from the UK, Germany, Russia and we must speak their languages Greek Cypriots do not apply for jobs – they are in much better jobs in Banks, law Firms,…


10 reasons : No Wifi in Rooms

There is no high speed wifi internet in rooms at ZENING ZENING is in a remote village. There is no fibre optic cable ISP here We have a hilly landscape and signal from wireless station is weak The ISP lines are two residential lines and they do not have bandwidth We provide a Internet-Detox vacation…


Just relax

ZENING is wellness. ZENING resort is for a relaxing holiday in the nature. For those wish for an active holiday, there is yoga. ZENING is not a loud animation resort. It is for chilling by the pool, under the trees or on the beach. Many guests choose to attend the yoga, meditation, fitness classes –…


Resort Standards

ZENING Elia Village is a Grade A holiday village certified and licensed by Cyprus Tourism Organization ( CTO) CTO is the standards, inspections, licensing agency for hotels in Republic of Cyprus and enforces highest European Union standards on hotels. There are rigorous and regular inspections carried out by CTO on all hotels including on ZENING.…


What to Do About Ants

We keep pests away from our rooms. But seasons and nature are such that there can be occasional abundance of ants and other common pests around our property. There are effective natural remedies and pest control measures in place to keep seasonal pests away from guests. However, sustainable living requires cautious and conscionable use of…


Living in Nature

Living in Nature is very different from living in lap of modern luxuries.We encourage our guests to be familiar with uniqueness of this lifestyle of living in a village at the edge of Akamas where many modern amenities are not yet available – and thankfully so. To live in nature is a rare gift. It…


Dry Grass and Gardens

If our gardens appear dry and wild to you, it is truly so. Cyprus is a dry island. There is chronic shortage of water. In peak summer months when daytime temperatures are above 30 for weeks – or even months – we stop spending water on grass. The nature all around us is dry and…


Why the No Smoking Policy

At ZENING smoking is permitted ONLY in designated smoking zones near SOMA restaurant and near reception. There are three main reasons why smoking is not permitted in rooms, verandas or anywhere in public areas – gardens, paths, cafes and open terraces. First, its the law. This area of Cyprus is prone to fires. During summer…



All Beaches in Cyprus are public and operated by municipal contractors. Guests may use the beaches free but must pay the operator of the beach for loungers and umbrellas. ZENING is not a beach front property as Akamanthos Marine Drive runs in front of the ZENING resort separating the resort from sea. Public Beach is…


BIZY with Zen

ZENING is not a business hotel. Its a “back to nature” place with a conscious effort to get away from modern day addictions of gadgets and pointless luxuries that give us a false sense of control. ZENING is to be busy with ourselves, with our own mind and find harmony and quietness. ZENING is business…


Zen Village

ZENING is a zen village. A village has its own way of life. As a vast property on a hill with abundant nature and dozens of workers caring for our lawns, supplies, maintenance the life of a village is unique and different from urban or hotel lifestyle. Please be aware and mindful that you may…


No Verbal Abuse Please

Our staff have a right to work in a safe and harmonious environment without fear or intimidation. We are very protective of our staff and ask guests to be respectful toward them. No verbal abuse, threats or violence are acceptable. Guests have a right to notify their complaints and demand to talk to a manager…


Children are welcome

ZENING is a family zen Resort. Children of all ages are welcome. There is a playroom and art center for children and kiddie pool for little one’s. A kids table can be organized at Breakfast and dinner. ZENING is an expansive resort and guests  can enjoy our adults-only area of Fontana Pool.

Healthy food for healthy mind

We serve all kinds of meals but we have a special place in our heart for those who wish to eat locally grown, or sourced vegetables, salads, milk and dairy and fish. Our meals are fulsome and include poultry, meat, lamb, pork – all cooked to perfection in mediterranean style. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner are served…


Spring Water

Guests can enjoy fresh water from our many spring water stations in different locations of our Resort.    


No pollution

ZENING is an ECO-Resort. We take care of environment living in harmony with the nature. Our resort is part gardens part wild nature. There are more than 120 hectares of land with hundreds of trees, plants and bush. Please accept the nature as it is. Due to severe water shortages we do not waste water…


No mobile phones areas

There are some quiet areas of the Resort where guests are not allowed to use mobile phone. In general we ask our guests to be mindful of others wanting a quiet and relaxing holidays and not use mobile phones or loud tone.

Creatures of Akamas

Due to our location in Akamas Peninsula which is a rich nature park with abundant flora and fauna. We share our habitat with many other creatures like small spiders, small lizards or cicadas. Please do not be alarmed. As the resort is in nature and not sealed away, it is normal to see some of these…